How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Eat Like a King and Keep your Abs this Holiday Season

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…and generally how to avoid the fat gain that comes with eating delicious treats. (Reposted for Thanksgiving) Drink without the fat gain: Alcohol Guide Here  A diet should not spoil your Thanksgiving, Christmas (or any other holiday for that matter). It is unacceptable for anyone to go for a damn salad while all your family are pigging out at the … Read More

The Leangains Guide

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Introduction, Outline, Meal Timing and Frequency. Leangains calorie and macro calculations are covered in a separate guide here.  Note: These guidelines are my own summary of Martin Berkhan’s Leangains system. I’d recommend you check out his site.   Skip breakfast, eat big meals, train hard and heavy.  These are the core principles of Leangains – a style of diet and training … Read More