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Matthew Burns
Matthew Burns

Excellent podcast Andy!

Great points on building a brand before monetizing your site i.e. 10k visitors first before selling. I also particularly like the part Sol talked about staying in your lane essentially, sticking to what you know and refer on what you don’t know and/or collaborate with and acknowledge the value they provide.

Do you believe that this bonding/networking approach Sol mentions could be fostered organically entirely online? or face to face is a must at some point? (I’m leaning towards the latter)

In your opinion (I know what the law of attraction and the secret tells me 😉 , would gratitude have more of an impact writing it down? is it enough just saying it in your head or verbalizing?

I don’t agree entirely when Sol mentions “don’t give too much information, as it might confuse the audience” I’m speaking from a scientific/evidence based learning perspective. If that is your niche, your passion, and your audience then you should provide that information. I feel that the general fitness advice is highly undervalued and generic which has been exploited by supplement companies and/or overnight Insta fitness celebrities that can only provide pics of themselves shredded instead of valuable content.

Regards, Matt

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