Andrea Valdez on Building Awesome Coach-Client Relationships

Andrea Valdez on the Rippebody Podcast Female Bodybuilder Lifting Weights

Andrea is a member of the 3D Muscle Journey bodybuilding and powerlifting coaching team. She is a bodybuilder, Grid competitor, and is my co-author on the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books. Today’s conversation covers three main topics:

  1. Coaching philosophy and building the coach-client relationship.
  2. The importance of getting “un-lean” after competing when moving into a muscle gain phase.
  3. How training for another sport has made her a better bodybuilder and may be something worth consideration.

At the end of the podcast, we went a little off topic with Andrea schooling me on how to use Instagram and Snapchat. I hope you enjoy this conversation with the absolute bundle of energy that is… Andrea Valdez! 🙂

Show notes

  1. Why Andrea believes 3DMJ is one of the best coaching teams in the industry.” [5’30]
  2. The story of how Andrea brought us together to write The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books came about. [10’00]
  3. Coaching philosophy and building the coach-client relationship. [16’00]
  4. “I learned this coaching 10-year-olds and it is the same with adults, but you get to ask the hard questions.” [22’00]
  5. Why people need to get “un-lean” during the off-season. [30’00]
  6. Andrea explains her sport, Grid. [40’00]
  7. Why having another physical hobby has been the best thing for her bodybuilding. [44’00]
  8. Client selection and the different coaching packages that 3DMJ offer. [52’00]
  9. Andrea educates Andy on Snapchat and Instagram [58’00]

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Thank you for listening! – Andy and Andrea

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