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As my good friends will testify, this is a fair representation of how I look when I’m at my keyboard. ūü§Ē

What began as an experiment hosting Q&As in a Facebook group last year, has turned into one of the favorite parts of my week, second only to the client updates I have on Mondays.

I looooove the Q&As. They allow me to test my knowledge and sharpen my skill set as a coach. There is nothing quite like teaching to check if you understand something. Many times, I have had to dive back into my collection of research reviews to find answers.

You may be surprised to hear then that I have decided to stop doing them then.

Well, kind of. The Facebook group has been a huge success, gaining over 3300 members. People have told me that the key draw has been the Q&As. However, the Facebook algorithm doesn’t work in our favor when only posting weekly and a dwindling number of people have been getting the announcements which is no good for anyone.

So, I’ve decided to move to another platform called Patreon, which is where I will host the new community. Those that join will not¬†have to worry about missing the notification because you’ll receive an email.

What you get as a community member:

  • I will host two Q&A sessions each month.¬†These will be open for 24 hours¬†so that you have access no matter your time zone.
  • You’ll also get access to exclusive mini-articles¬†based on your best questions.
  • As a bonus, you’ll get access to the¬†exercise video database that I share with clients.

I’ve decided to price it at¬†$10 for the first 200 founding members.

If you want to support the site and get something in return, this is your chance. I plan for this to be a big part of the site’s future and I hope you join me on this journey. But whatever you decide, thank you for your support and continued readership. It fills my life with meaning.

Here’s the sign-up link.

– Andy

(PS: You’ll see there is a $1 ‘tip jar’ option. I would delete this, but can’t. If you just want to support the site you can use that, but you won’t get access to the Q&As.)

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