If it ain’t broken…

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Intermittently-fasted Lambo Let’s say your rich uncle dies and leaves you his Gallardo. On your first track-day you get spanked. To make matters worse it’s by guys in cars half the price. They are laughing. Do you get out your spanners and start fiddling with stuff in the hope this will make it faster, or […] Read More »

FAQ: Leangains Diet and Training

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Click to skip to Diet FAQ, Training FAQ. Latest Updates: 30th May: “Injury“ 19th Jan: “Secondary Exercises“ 2nd June “Irregular work hours“ 19th April “Strength Losses“ 18th April “RPT Top set Weight” 19th April Back-off set weight“ 6th April “Calf Training“ 27th Mar. “Skipped Sessions“ 14th Mar. “Hunger problems“ 13th Mar. “Bench Press strength drop“ Questions in […] Read More »

The Alcohol Guide

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I’m often asked by clients, “How can I drink and not screw up my diet?” Good question. I never say no to alcohol with my clients diets as it’s not realistic. Often, the all or nothing mindset sets people up for failure, because once they have one beer, they decide, “Oh well, I’ve already screwed up so […] Read More »