Nutrition Guides


I don’t believe in supplements: just real food and big meals.

Nutrition is key to both fat loss and building muscle.

There are no secrets nor hacks, but when you understand the core underlying principles, you will no longer find yourself frustrated by plateaus because you’ll know your way around them.

Let me teach you how, when, and what to eat, so you stop wasting time and start chasing down your goals.

James Krieger on the Issues of Tracking Body Fat Percentage

On this episode of the Rippedbody Podcast, I interview James Krieger. James is a published scientist, author, speaker, fitness competitor, statistical wizard and the mind behind the immensely popular blog and membership site, Weightology.net. We discuss the different methods available for tracking body fat percentage [06:15], the two-component model used by…

A Quick Guide To Estimating Body-fat Percentage

Finding your body-fat percentage is an imprecise endeavor. The methods that we generally have available to measure it range from being ‘acceptably accurate’ to ‘very poor,’ and they are nearly all useless for tracking changes over time. – They’re all marketed as being really accurate of course, but that’s just because…

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