Mindless Eating: How to Make Healthier Choices Without Thinking

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I want to tell you about a powerful tool that often goes neglected among both fitness enthusiasts and people who are just beginning to diet. Imagine that you’re in the following situation: You come home from work. You’re exhausted. You’re hungry. You’ve had a long and stressful day and you just don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting around. You certainly don’t … Read More

IRREGULAR SCHEDULE: How do I go about setting up meal timing and training?

IRREGULAR SCHEDULE: How do I go about setting up meal timing and training? “What do I do if my work schedule doesn’t allow for a consistent feeding window?” We do the best we can. First it’s important to understand a few fundamental points: 1. The reason that we try to keep the meal timing consistent is that the body regulates to our … Read More

The Myth of the ‘Best’ Macro Ratio

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There is an idea out there that ‘golden’ macronutrient ratios exist that can transform a person’s physique. The idea was born in bodybuilding forums by people looking at someone else’s body transformation, asking their macro intake, then reverse engineering it to come up with a macro ratio that is assumed to be somehow special. I’m not a fan of this idea. It’s logically flawed and here’s why…

Why Do Sudden Changes In Weight Happen?

Why Do Sudden Changes In Weight Happen? A water whoosh or sudden change in weight when dieting is something that everyone experiences. It is due a change in water balance in the body, not sudden gain or loss of fat. This happens for one of two primary reasons: A Sudden Weight Change Due To A Swing In Carbohydrate Intake This happens … Read More


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Dreams in a tub – “ONE THOUSAND CALORIES, 50g PROTEIN” – … Dream-bulker-itis | drēmˈbʌlkərˈʌɪtɪs | slang  noun Disease where an individual (usually male) suffers deluded notions that the enormous amounts of  weight gained due to purposeful overeating combined with weight training in the winter months is actually mostly muscle, that they can remove the ‘few pounds’ of fat gained … Read More

Is Clean Eating a Scam? – Clean Eating vs IIFYM

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Image: veronicascornucopia On s a result  near daily basis I find myself linking to JC Deen’s article, “Clean Eating is a Scam and Why you Need to Abandon It“. I consider it a must read for those tempted by, but scared of eating that NY cheesecake in the Starbucks display. You can imagine by the provocative title how many feathers he ruffled when … Read More

If it ain’t broken…

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Intermittently-fasted Lambo Let’s say your rich uncle dies and leaves you his Gallardo. On your first track-day you get spanked. To make matters worse it’s by guys in cars half the price. They are laughing. Do you get out your spanners and start fiddling with stuff in the hope this will make it faster, or do you learn how to … Read More

Patience: A Key Tool for Diet Success

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Sands through the hour glass exploring patience

Patience. When to wait and when to make a change? As a coach, this is the hardest part of the job. Everyone wants results now. There’s pressure to make the change, but you can’t bow to it. You have to stay objective. Have to choose the right moment. – That’s what the client pays for. Lack of patience leads to rushed decisions. Left … Read More