Introducing the Diet Adjustments Mini Mastery Course

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This is a free, 7 part email course I’ve put together summarizing all the key points of dietary fine tuning. In my complete nutrition set-up guide I explained how to set your calorie targets, macros, and choose your meal timing. This covers the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ of making fine tune adjustments to your diet to keep you progressing. 6000 people have already … Read More

Why I paid $10k to make us a .COM

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Because that’s what it cost after I negotiated the price down… is the answer. But why I’d decided to do so despite the cost and how I wrestled with it is the story. This name change is an emotional move for me but definitely a positive one for our community. I thought the .jp domain would help me get more … Read More

Inside The Mind Of A Diet Coach

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Buy it now →  The last four years have been something of a rollercoaster journey for which I have you, the readers to thank. Whether you have actually hired me or just sent me an e-mail to tell me your story and say thanks, whether you have peppered me with questions in the site comments, shared on Facebook, or … Read More

Announcement: The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet – FREE Book & E-mail Course

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This is my attempt to make the best and most complete nutrition set-up guide out there on any single page on the internet, bar none. After updating them heavily, I’ve brought together the calorie setting, macro setting, micronutrition, meal timing and frequency, and supplement guides into one page. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time away … Read More

The Inner Circle Letter

The Inner Circle Letter I used to write a letter when I first started out coaching. People loved them, but I lost my way and stopped doing them, making the excuse to myself that I was too busy. I regret that, so I started again in February. To my surprise I immediately got 1700 signups, that number is growing. At … Read More

Announcement: Taking A Break

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February 10th, 2015. (Apply here to get on the waiting list.) Two years ago I’m sitting in the airport with a friend Mark. It’s a couple of weeks before Christmas and we’re off to the tiny island of Palau in the middle of the pacific Ocean for a week’s scuba diving holiday. It’s inconvenient to get to, expensive when you … Read More

‘The Lean Muscle Diet’ – A Detailed Review of Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon’s New Book

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Lou Schuler is an award-winning fitness journalist and author. Alan Aragon is one of the world’s most influential figures in the modern movement towards evidence-based sports nutrition. They have the best part of 50 years of experience on the right side of this industry between them, an this is their first book collaboration. Knowing the work of both of these gentleman, … Read More

Don’t Make It About The Money

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“Nice guy, not the kind of person to change an industry though.” Reading these words didn’t sting like you would imagine. I realised there was truth to them and felt the comment was fair. They came from a man who had single-handedly lit a rage-fuelled fire in me that lead me to quit my stable government job and plunge head … Read More