Client Stories & Results

Client Progress Observations and Results Update

What follows is a list of the most common things I’ve observed when working with clients. Some I cannot explain and won’t try, others I could, but there are better articles out there with explanations, so I’ve given links for further reading if one particular topic interests/concerns you.

Shredding Down Without the Frustration – Scott’s Story

When Scott first came to me I was confused. He was bigger and stronger, yet wanted my help.Β I knew that if I could get Scott’s program right, by helping out someone of their size I’d have a chance to impress upon some of my bodybuilder friends here in Japan the…

The Man that Lost 270lbs (123kg) Using Leangains

When I saw the incredible photos of Jesse’s transformation a few weeks ago it totally blew me away. I wanted to give him a platform to share his experience so I interviewed him to find out how he did it.Β Little did I realize how much this man’s story would surprise…

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